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How can I contribute to the development of Avyssos 2222?

This question has multiple answers, if we were building a house, each of them would be like contributing a brick, labor, funding, or anything else necessary for its construction, all important for the whole, and we are grateful for all of them.  

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Can I create and monetize gameplays of Avyssos 2222?

The answer is yes, and thank you. For more details, please read our Video Creation Policy.

What is Avyssos 2222?

Avyssos 2222 is a first-person adventure and survival video game set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future where most of the Earth is submerged due to an unknown catastrophic event. The action takes place underwater, at great depths, where the player can explore a majestic, overwhelming, and threatening aquatic world, with a high level of detail and realism thanks to the Unreal Engine 5.

It is our first creation, designed to offer a challenging experience focused on the story and environment, with relatively relaxed and classic gameplay, centered on solving puzzles, avoiding direct confrontation, and managing limited resources to achieve success and the freedom that comes with it.

¿Quién es el desarrollador de Avyssos 2222?

The developer of Avyssos 2222, our debut title, is Exit Games, us, a small independent studio created by three Spaniards, Ricardo Arganza, David, and Adrian Pagador. Together, we form a multidisciplinary team, excelling in the artistic aspect, ready to face any challenge this exciting project presents to us. Visit the About Us section and follow us on social media to get to know us better.

For which platforms will Avyssos 2222 be available? What about Mac and Linux?

For now, Avyssos 2222 is being developed exclusively for PC. As a newly created indie studio, we have limited resources, so we opted to make the best possible version for a single platform.

Once we release this version to the market and improve it with feedback from our players, we plan to adapt it to other platforms if the community requests it and it is feasible.

What is the release date of Avyssos 2222?

We are pleased to announce that Avyssos 2222 will be released as soon as it is ready!

Our goal is for players to enjoy Avyssos 2222 on PC by mid-2025. 

However, we plan to give access to different stages of development, such as Alpha and Beta, and the first to have access will be our Patreon community. In fact, the support we receive on Patreon is one of the aspects that determine the release date of Avyssos 2222, so if you are interested in it coming out as soon as possible and would like to have access to the development stages, remember to support us with your subscription and support on social media.

Is there a playable demo available for Avyssos 2222?

Avyssos 2222 will have a playable demo open to the public, we are working on it. In the meantime, if you are interested in trying something from the game as soon as possible, the first place where you will be able to do so is on our Patreon.

How many people are involved in the development team of Avyssos 2222?

So far, the development of Avyssos 2222 is being carried out by a team of three people, Ricardo Arganza, David Casamayor, and Adrian Pagador. We hope to increase the team based on our resources as development progresses and community support allows us. Visit the About Us section for more information.

When did the development of Avyssos 2222 start?

The development of Avyssos 2222 began in the summer of 2021. Since then, we have been working on it, giving all our available resources and time while combining development with our external work occupations.

What game engine is used for Avyssos 2222?

The chosen game engine for Avyssos 2222 is the impressive Unreal Engine 5. We chose this engine due to its amazing visual realism, incredible capabilities, and ease of accessibility.

In what languages will Avyssos 2222 be available?

As a Spanish studio, we want the game to be available at launch with voices and texts in Spanish for our Spanish-speaking community, friends, and family. We also want the largest number of players to enjoy the title, so we will also dub and translate the voices and texts into English.

However, we want our entire community to enjoy the game in their native language, so we are considering expanding the number of available languages based on community interest.

What is the story of Avyssos 2222?

In the year 2222, the world as we know it has been swallowed by the waters. The only remaining lands are the elevated plateaus and mountains, and you are on a dangerous mission. Forced to dismantle an obsolete underwater facility, you will face terrifying creatures from the depths while battling currents and the dangers of the ocean floor. Your reward? Freedom!

What type of gameplay and experience can we expect from Avyssos 2222?

Avyssos 2222 is a game designed to offer an intense experience, with some scares, but far from the terror or anguish that games of the survival horror genre can provoke. Using a first-person perspective, we aim to increase the player's immersion in the surrounding environment, a landscape dominated by large structures, dark caves, and the remnants of a vanished civilization interspersed with high-tech facilities and natural, beautiful, and threatening landscapes.

Avyssos 2222 is designed to be an active experience, with moments of intense action interspersed with solving puzzles where the environment and its creatures play a leading role. Our survival depends on the good management of limited resources and the wise choice and approach to confrontations.

How long is the gameplay of Avyssos 2222?

Our goal with this first installment of Avyssos 2222 is to offer a complete gameplay experience, making the player feel they have lived a story from beginning to end, although this adventure is just a small fragment of a much larger plot.

We want to offer a game of the highest possible quality, so we decided to create a compact experience, betting on care and detail, so we aim for the duration to be between 4 to 6 hours to play from start to finish the first time.

On the other hand, the setting and background of Avyssos 2222 go beyond what can be seen and known in its first debut. We are building a futuristic, post-apocalyptic science fiction universe with a deep and complex story that we hope to expand and showcase in future installments and additional post-launch content.

What type of map will we find in Avyssos 2222? Is Avyssos 2222 an open-world game?

Avyssos 2222 is designed to feel like a grand adventure with a clear purpose, so it's not the type of game where you'll spend time wandering aimlessly looking for things to do. However, the game's structure means you will always have the option to explore different areas. Some areas must be completed to advance the story, while others are purely optional but will reward you in different ways if you choose to complete them.

Is Avyssos 2222 a linear game, or does it have multiple endings and choices?

The type of experience we are building is focused on classic games where everything has a beginning and an end, with a single real path to advance the story, leading to the appropriate ending to close this experience and pave the way for future installments.

How much puzzle-solving is there in Avyssos 2222?

Avyssos 2222 is a game where puzzle-solving plays an important role. The puzzles are well-aligned with the type of gameplay experience we want to offer. Let’s not forget that the protagonist, although having to face dangerous creatures, has the mission to dismantle obsolete underwater facilities, so it is logical to expect that the player will have to figure out how one section or another works to complete their task successfully.

Can the protagonist be customized in Avyssos 2222?

The type of experience offered by Avyssos 2222, at least in its main campaign version, does not allow for the customization of the protagonist beyond the purely aesthetic.

Moreover, the first-person perspective does not allow you to see the suit, so the different aesthetic collectibles can only be seen, initially, in the menu and photo mode.

Can the difficulty be changed in Avyssos 2222?

The experience of Avyssos 2222 is designed for a single level of difficulty.

Does Avyssos 2222 offer multiplayer or cooperative gameplay?

The main experience of Avyssos 2222 is for a single player. However, we want to expand the universe and the type of experience to make it richer for the player, so we may expand the main game with other game modes, and perhaps one of them will be multiplayer.

As an indie studio, we must pay special attention and care in choosing where to invest our resources, but we also want to maintain an open dialogue with you, the community, and give you the possibility to experience other types of gameplay.

Who is responsible for the graphics and artistic aspect of Avyssos 2222?

Our team consists of three creative minds dedicated to various artistic tasks, so we all share our vision and artistic work in the different areas of the game.

Will there be a physical edition of Avyssos 2222?

For now, we have no plans to release any physical copies of the game, so all editions will be digital.

In which stores and launchers will Avyssos 2222 be available?

Avyssos 2222 will be released on Steam and Epic Games Store, and it will also be presented to GoG when it is ready for review.

Is there an official Discord server for Avyssos 2222?

We have created an official Discord server where, in the free access section, we share the latest news about Avyssos 2222, and in the private section through Patreon, we share detailed content about the project's development, gather and answer community questions, and monthly offer exclusive gifts for patrons.

Are you a content creator and want to know more about Avyssos 2222, get access to a beta, or have a private interview?

If you are a YouTuber, streamer, or content creator and want to discover more about Avyssos 2222 to share with your community and treat yourself, you can contact us directly through social media or complete the following form so we can get in touch with you as soon as possible.

How will the funds raised through various collective funding means such as Patreon or Kickstarter be used?

The funds raised through various collective funding means, such as Patreon or Kickstarter, will be entirely invested in the development of Avyssos 2222.

As an indie studio composed of three members, our sole objective is to fund the game's development to be able to dedicate ourselves to it full-time, instead of having to combine it with external jobs as we have done since the start of the development.

Our passion is creating video games; video games have been and are an important part of all our lives, so our plan is to continue materializing new adventures and experiences as long as possible. Additionally, the universe we are creating for Avyssos 2222 is too extensive to be told in a single installment and in a single way.

What will be the system requirements for Avyssos 2222?

Although our intention is that any mid-range PC can run the game, we probably won't have this information until 6 months before the release.

Will Avyssos 2222 be DRM-free? (ANSWER: YES)